Tired of traditional dosimetry badges?

Tired of traditional dosimetry badges?

Here’s a revolutionary new option!

If you are a medical or veterinary professional who is tired of the drawn-out process of using traditional TLD Dosimetry badges for your office X-Ray procedures, iRad Consulting has a better solution.

The new Miron Bluetooth InstaDose+ badge is a safer, more reliable, and low-maintenance option that provides real-time results delivered straight to the technician via their own web portal. Rather than take the time to ship off your standard TLDs and deal with manual reports as they come in, these new versions provide faster results and are, in our opinion, a long-overdue evolution in technology to a necessary device that has been the same forever.

Here are two crucial benefits.


Radiation exposure information on traditional badges is only read once per quarter, with 2 to 3 weeks of mailing time mixed in. If you were to perform an X-Ray procedure today and there was an issue with equipment where the individual was exposed to an unsafe level of radiation, you may not find out for up to four months. And until that issue is identified and resolved, that technician and other staff members are being exposed to unsafe levels of radiation.


With traditional badges, RSOs are required to collect all staff badges each quarter, mail them off to the dosimeter company, re-distribute new badges to each employee and file away the badge reports for the life of the facility. If an employee from an office using older badges leaves the company, the admin will have to purchase a new badge for the new employee (which can run around $100). With the new badges, all of this overhead and expense is removed. You can simply log into your portal and transfer the badge from the departed employee to the new employee eliminating the new badge setup fee.

NOTE: These new badges are required for our medical and veterinary clients.

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iRad tracks all the latest news and industry trends related to the myriad of state-mandated X-Ray and laser compliance rules and regulations, so our clients don’t have to. We are capable of distributing new dosimetry badges to clients in all 50 states and potentially to international locations.

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