Monitoring Radiation Exposure

Organizations with employees who are tasked with performing procedures leveraging x-ray equipment would be wise to deploy dosimetry badges to monitor employee radiation exposure. The formal requirements for each facility to deploy dosimetry badges are unique from state to state and are specific to each “domain” (dental, veterinary, medical, industrial).  Dosimetry Badges track and monitor the cumulative radiation doses for each employee allowing the employer to manage each individual’s radiation exposure.  If excessive exposure is identified, the organization will be aware and able to address the root of the problem swiftly.

iRad strongly suggests that even organizations who are not required by law to deploy dosimetry badges at their facility to consider.  Fees for badges are quite nominal in the grand scope of radiation services and some consider them to be a very inexpensive deterrent of potential legal situations in cases where a current or former employee may be diagnosed with conditions that could be tied to radiation exposure.

iRad ensures your team is outfitted with the proper dosimetry badges (including Area Monitoring Badges) and are being used and monitored correctly.

iRad deploys the new InstaDose+ badge units manufactured by Mirion Technologies. Here are some of the key factors contributing to a significant number of organizations converting from Traditional TLD badges:

• No more need to collect all badges and mail in for Quarterly Readings

• Near Real Time Exposure Results Delivered Upon Demand

• Badges are Scheduled for Custom Batch Readings Weekly

• Safety – With traditional TLD badges, wearers are exposed to the risk of not finding out about excessive exposure for up to 4 months after a procedure where excessive radiation was presented to an individual. Until the problem is identified and addressed, staff may face a persistent risk

• Proactive Quality Assurance Monitoring of Badge’s Performance

• Personal Web Portal Assigned to Each Wearer (Can also monitor via free Mobile App on Apple/Android devices)

Next Steps

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Kind Words From Some of Our Clients

“As a busy dentist, keeping up with the ever-changing regulations we are supposed to adhere to is daunting to say the least. iRad Consulting has been a great resource and help with the state’s regulations on our imaging systems in our office. A friend of mine in Houston just had an unannounced visit by the state and it was not a pleasant experience. iRad Consulting will give you peace of mind that your paperwork is in order and your signage is up to regulation. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. “

 – Dr. Peter Lecca DDS
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Coppell, TX 75019