Most states have a department of health services that is dedicated to radiation control & safety.  Those states are known as ‘agreement states’and have the authority to establish and govern its rules set forth for their radiation services providers. Most agreement states have inspectors dedicated to ensuring all registrants are adhering to the rules and regulations that have been established via regular inspection cycle schedules.  Violations found can range from minor in nature to significant Sev 1 violations and fines issued for those violations also have a wide range, some of which can be $15,000 (or more).


The iRad team was established in order to be a resource for radiation service providers across many domains (Human Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Industrial, Educational Institutions) to establish radiation safety and compliance protocols at client facilities that meet and often exceed their state’s radiation regulation requirements.

Our team performs work on-site and is hands-on to ensure everything is properly established. After about 3-4 hours of work, your facility will be 100% compliant with regulations and will also have a clear understanding of radiation safety principles that will benefit staff members and their patients.

Kind Words From Some of Our Clients

“I highly recommend iRad Consulting. We knew we had a state inspection coming up, so we were trying to find everything we thought we would need. Some of what we thought we needed had been misplaced, so our stress level was high. When we heard about iRad Consulting, we immediately contacted them to come and help us. They were able to get to us quickly and help us get everything we needed lined up and ready for inspection. Many of the things we thought we needed were not actually needed. And the deficiencies we did have, they took care of the same day. Thanks to iRad Consulting, we are no longer worried about the upcoming state inspection!”

– Russell Johnston, DVM
Chisholm Ridge Pet Hospital
Saginaw, Texas