We Are Unique and Provide Real Value for our Clients

The business concept of iRad Consulting came about after Natalie (partner) spent several years working for the state as an x-ray inspector. Each day she would walk into a facility to administer an inspection and then experienced firsthand the concern and confusion many medical professionals were facing while trying to manage the heavy burden of keeping up with complex and ever-changing rules and regulations that come with the responsibility of administering x-ray services for patients.


Regulations, however, are created and applied to services and products that demonstrate a level of risk that, if not properly managed, could adversely impact consumers. X-ray services ARE indeed highly regulated – and they should be.


After each new workday began to prove similar to the previous and having to write so many violations while facility owners and doctors were under stress became increasingly uncomfortable. The pattern was confirmed. More often than not, the combination of broad detailed x-ray rules & regulations with service providers having patient care at the top of their mind created a challenge for many providers to maintain a thorough understanding of these rules they are licensed and obligated to operate under.


While most Radiation Safety Officers try their best to maintain full compliance, a significant percentage were still found to be unprepared and non-compliant when inspections were executed.

That’s when we began discussions about developing a service business that leveraged deep domain knowledge to create robust radiation compliance programs for the benefit of client facilities, employees and clients. The program would ensure facilities are fully prepared and 100% compliant when their facility is due for their inspection cycle.


iRad Was Born!


iRad Consulting provides hands on full implementation of x-ray rules & regulation protocols that clients value as opposed to being given an empty binder with a checklist to figure out how to work through.

iRad Consulting bridges the gap between great doctors focusing on consumer healthcare and the effort necessary for them to maintain a complete understanding and compliance to the hundreds of rules put in place to reduce the health risks tied to the application of radiation services.

Advocates and Experts on State’s Rules for Radiation Services

We are very proud to be advocates and experts of the state’s rules on radiation services. We are also ecstatic to now partner with our clients and see how pleased and relieved they are to now have an advocate they can depend on to ensure their facility is compliant.


United States citizens are fortunate to have some of the best medical service providers in the world. iRad enables these providers to retain focus on their patients.

Meet Natalie Stroik

Natalie is the face of iRad Consulting. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in radiology from highly-regarded St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, MN. Prior to being a state x-ray inspector, Natalie worked for 13 years as a radiology technician. In 2014, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. Luckily, she had the best doctors in the world helping in her recovery, but part of that recovery meant that she no longer felt comfortable working in a job that administered radiation every day because her body’s tolerance for it had been depleted.

Natalie figured out a way to leverage her background without putting herself in danger, and was lucky enough to join the State of Texas as an x-ray inspector. In that job, she traveled around to various medical facilities to ensure they were meeting the standards set forth by the state. Because Natalie has worked on both sides of the table, she can maintain her advocacy of the rules and regulations doctors must follow while at the same time making sure these same professionals have a helping hand along the way.

Meet David Stroik

David manages business operations at iRad Consulting. A graduate of The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, David holds multiple degrees including Exercise Science and Management Information Systems. He has a broad IT background that he leverages to help iRad take advantage of technological ways to be competitive in the marketplace.

David also volunteers within his community coaching and training young athletes in basketball and football. His long-term goal for iRad Consulting is to not only become more broadly known as a trusted “brand” among x-ray providers, but also raise awareness within the consumer population around the importance of radiation safety.

Kind Words From Some of Our Clients

“I highly recommend iRad Consulting. We knew we had a state inspection coming up, so we were trying to find everything we thought we would need. Some of what we thought we needed had been misplaced, so our stress level was high. When we heard about iRad Consulting, we immediately contacted them to come and help us. They were able to get to us quickly and help us get everything we needed lined up and ready for inspection. Many of the things we thought we needed were not actually needed. And the deficiencies we did have, they took care of the same day. Thanks to iRad Consulting, we are no longer worried about the upcoming state inspection!”

– Russell Johnston, DVM
Chisholm Ridge Pet Hospital
Saginaw, Texas