X-Ray and Laser Regulations

Feeling like you’re not sure where to start?

You focus on your patients while we focus on ensuring your facility’s X-Ray compliance.

We Service Any Facility With X-Ray Or Laser Equipment

Most medical providers these days have at least one piece of radiation equipment in their office to help them and their staff provide comprehensive healthcare to patients. Depending on the specialty, some can have 30 or more. With that comes a robust and thorough list of state-mandated radiation compliance rules and regulations, all of which are highly regulated and often changing due to today’s technology-driven environment. Keeping up with all of it – and caring for patients at the same time – can be a mountainous task for any medical professional to shoulder on their own.

iRad Consulting offers outsourced radiation compliance services for ANY facility that has a piece of x-ray or laser equipment. Our clients include medical professionals such as dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, orthopedic specialists, urgent care facilities, family practices and podiatrists. Outside of the medical field, some of our valued clients include those that provide industrial, machinery and manufacturing services. We have former state x-ray inspectors on our team, and we make our consulting services easy by coming to you.

Is Your Office Compliant?

There are hundreds of state regulations to track and maintain if you offer x-ray and laser services. Not doing so puts your patients and practice at risk for violations and fines, not to mention the potential for patients to learn of non-compliance. We bridge the gap between great doctors focused on healthcare and the efforts needed to keep them compliant.

Hands On and On-Site

We know regulations, and we’re unique in that we fully implement all necessary protocols, paperwork and signage rather than hand you a binder with guidelines and a checklist of To-Do’s. On-site evaluation of facility radiation equipment and records includes helping resolve all potential or existing violations.


Stress Free Results

Think of our services as a mock inspection preparing you for that visit from the state. We meet with staff and ensure they understand and are aware of how the inspection will likely unfold, which eliminates anxiety. When we leave, you are 100% compliant, 100% satisfied, and 100% stress free.


“My issue was resolved quickly, professionally, and required very little effort on my part. I highly recommend iRad Consulting.”

– David Nix, D.D.S., Coppell, TX

Why Work With Us?

Unmatched Expertise

iRad’s leadership team consists of former state x-ray inspectors – experts in rules specific to the use of radiation services.

Quality Control

We implement quality assurance and quality control (known as QA/QC protocols) for digital acquisition systems.

Focused Attention

We focus on keeping your radiation program compliant so that you can focus on your patients.

About Us



Our team of experts ensures all your x-ray equipment is calibrated correctly and documentation is in place, up to date, and implemented correctly.

Kind Words From One of Our Clients

“For years I had looked for a consultant to help with our Radiation Documentation and Compliance. My quest was answered with a true gem. Natalie Stroik previously worked for the Texas Radiation Department and has now started her own private consulting service. She came into our office and totally and completely updated our radiation compliance forms and records. She is affordable and complete. Or record keeping and documentation is now totally compliant and up to date… and the Texas Department of Radiation does do random unannounced inspections. I am 100% certain that most offices would benefit from her services. She is just that good!”

– Dr. Lester Kuperman
Kuperman Orthodontics
Burleson and Fort Worth

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