You Have Questions and We Have Answers.

Are you affiliated with Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)?

No. We are a private services Texas-based company co-founded by a former Texas X-Ray Inspector. iRad provides an option for facilities to ensure 100% compliance with their state X-Ray & Laser Regulations (While not required, you likely hire a CPA to ensure tax compliance. Radiation regulations pose similar challenge when attempting to maintain a current and thorough competency for your facility).

I already have my existing service company do this for me.

You may. However, if you assume they are we would strongly encourage you to do some due diligence to understand their credentials and qualifications specific to Radiation Rules & Regulations to ensure your facility is indeed 100% compliant. Many claim to provide this service for offices and then after inspections, the office is left with violations & fines and iRad is called afterwards to assist. Be proactive and ensure you have the right team working for you in this very important area of your business operations. Certainly, not an area you want to value shop on!

I just had hired a service company to perform my EPEs. Is my facility now fully prepared?

No. Equipment Performance Evaluations are only a small piece of the state inspection process that is reviewed.

We haven’t had our EPE’s performed for a while. Can iRad provide this service too?

Yes, EPEs are a natural extension of our core compliance protocol service. Call Us.

I’ve heard lasers are now being regulated and must be registered, is this true?

Yes. Lasers are quickly becoming a tool widely used in dental, veterinary and medical settings for patients. Most lasers must be registered and are indeed regulated. iRad will help you with everything you need.

Do you guarantee my facility will pass inspections after your services?

We guarantee that when we leave your facility you are 100% compliant. Unfortunately we cannot control the activities that occur in your facility after we leave which may impact your compliance. We support our clients after our service and if any questions or issues arise, we are always here to support our clients. *We’ve NEVER had a client fail an inspection post our services*

Do I need to sign a long term contract with iRad for services?

No. After we conduct our Full Comprehensive Compliance Package at our client facilities, we offer optional ongoing Maintenance Plans that most of our clients elect in order to ensure their facility maintains the protocols we set up and the facility remains in full compliance and safe.

Is Your Office Compliant? Make The Call Today…

Any facility in the United States that owns a piece of X-Ray equipment must register that equipment with their state. For some companies, that may just be one piece of equipment, for others it may be many more. Once the equipment is registered, your facility is added to a regular inspection cycle administered by the state. Don’t remain in the dark anymore about compliance. Allow iRad Consulting to assist you today. We’re Texas-based, but we service all areas of the United States.