Dental and Orthodontics


X-ray units are standard in almost every dental clinic to provide proper dental care for patients. Dental practitioners (as with all medical providers) are highly trained and dedicated to exceptional patient care.  Most, however, do not have the capacity to maintain currency and a thorough understanding of all the radiation rules & regulations they’re legally bound to adhere to as a registrant within their state. iRad’s clients find value in having our team come in and swiftly establish necessary protocols and staff training.

iRad provides compliance services for all Dental x-ray and laser equipment including:

• Panoramic Units

• Dental Cone Beam Units

• Intraoral Units

• Hand Held Units (NOMADS)

• Lasers (Class 3b & Class 4)

Veterinary and Equine


Veterinary medical clinics and hospitals are subject to radiation rules and regulations set by the state it’s providing services in just as other medical service providers are.  It is also becoming quite common for veterinary professionals to leverage the use of therapy, regenerative and surgical lasers with their patients. Classes 3b and 4 lasers are powerful tools and in some states are regulated quite similar to radiation units and often require a certification qualification prior to use on patients unless being used by a DVM.


iRad is proud to serve many veterinary clients across small animal, equine and zoological clinical settings.  We also work with mobile veterinary & equine practitioners who are often unaware of requirements specific to mobile radiation service providers.


Below is a list of some additional areas iRad can assist:

• Equipment Performance Evaluations (Unit Calibration Testing)

• Portable Equine X-Ray Equipment Compliance

• Quality Assurance and Control (QA/QC) Protocols for Digital Image Acquisition Systems

• Equipment Registrations

• Radiation Protective Gear (Aprons, Mitts, Eyewear)

• Personal and Area Dosimetry Badges



Industrial manufacturers leverage the use of radiation testing in order to check for cracks or flaws in their materials.  The x-ray units that industrial organizations leverage, enable engineers to see issues with the material they are using in their manufacturing process who then will be able to address those issues before they are deployed to production.

Some common industries who use industrial radiology:

• Gas & Oil – Pipeline Work

• Automotive – Parts/Components

• Aviation – Aircraft Parts

• Industrial Welding


Staff engineers who leverage radiation units are required to be trained and also wear personal dosimetry badges in order to ensure they are not exposed to unsafe levels of scatter radiation.

Industrial companies are subject to inspection cycles just as the various medical modalities are that leverage the use of radiation tools.

Educational Institutions


X-ray and laser machines used for research and development in educational institutions need to meet the same strict requirements as x-rays and laser equipment used in business and medical facilities.

Medical Offices

We provide services for individuals in the following disciplines:

• Chiropractic

• Orthopedic

• Podiatry

• Family Practice

• Urgent Care