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Our team at iRad Consulting tracks all the latest news and industry trends related to the myriad of state-mandated X-Ray and laser compliance rules and regulations. And why, you may ask? So our clients don’t have to.

Whether it’s keeping tabs on changes in regulations, correcting existing violations for facilities that already have formal compliance issues, or providing guidance by taking the time to organize all radiation records on-site, our team has our clients covered from A to Z.

Below is a list of reminders, new iRad services to consider, and important compliance items to keep you informed. Over the next several blogs, we will dive into several of these in more detail.

  • iRad is excited to announce we now offer X-Ray Equipment Performance Evaluations for our dental and veterinary clients. These EPEs are required by the state, so call us today to schedule yours.
  • We now have a solution for professionals who are tired of dealing with traditional TLD Dosimeters. Bluetooth Instadose Dosimeters are a low-maintenance option that allows your staff to download necessary reports to an easy-to-use portal rather than take the time to ship off your standard TLDs and deal with manual reports as they come in. It is also helpful when you have staff changes. NOTE: This is required for our medical and veterinary clients.
  • A friendly reminder to check that all current staff has been monitored with dosimeters.
  • Remember that taking an X-Ray of anyone other than patients is considered a Level One violation. For example, at a dental facility, there should not be any images on your system of human fingers or staff (if they have not come in as a patient). This is the highest violation level, and you will be subject to fines.
  • Please contact us if you receive a Remote Inspection from the state. We can help with these. If your Remote Inspection paperwork is not sent back to the state by the deadline listed, they will send a second notice. If they do not receive it by the date on the second notice, they will send an inspector to your facility for a surprise inspection.
  • If you have any new X-Ray equipment changes, your binder will need to be updated with all the required documentation and your X-Ray certificate of registration will need to be amended.
  • Friendly reminder: If you chose not to have us visit your facility for an annual review, we would not be able to keep your facility up to date and ready for a state inspection.

Texas Clients Only

  • QA/QC protocols now need to be performed every 3 months. If you are an existing client, we will be amending this protocol at your next annual audit review.
  • QA/QC now needs to be set up for both intraoral units and pano units, regardless if they process through the same digital software system. Call us today to determine if your protocol needs to implement testing your pano units.
  • DSHS is proposing new changes to the dental rules. You may have received an email allowing you to voice your opinion on the proposed changes. We will send out a blog when the new dental rules are finalized.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions about our list of available services, please visit www.iradconsult.com, call us at 940-453-2876, or email us at [email protected]. Below are a few upcoming speaker events iRad has scheduled if anyone is interested in attending.

Schedule of Upcoming Events

MWI Event for Veterinarians – March 8 in Houston

Southwest Dental Conference – September 6 and 7 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Center in Dallas